We are not alone. With the first successful sequencing of the human genome came the startling discovery that we are merely 10% human on a cellular level. The remaining 90% are the micro and macro-organisms that inhabit our biome.

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Helminthic Treatment

Throughout evolutionary history humans have coexisted with intestinal worms known as helminths. It is now thought that the absence of helminths in our biome has led to a surge in allergic and autoimmune diseases.

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Science and Research

Research is a fundamental part of self-treatment with hookworms. In order to help you achieve optimal results, we have collated a guide to the science and research around the immune modulatory powers of helminths.

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Helminthic Treatment was born from the hypothesis that a lack of symbiotic intestinal helminth worms has contributed to a massive increase in allergic, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions in the developed world.

Over the last two decades a number of clinical studies have shown helminths to be important immune regulators. Experimental colonization has resulted in relief of symptoms for sufferers of many immune related conditions such as¬†inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s/colitis),¬†asthma, allergies, eczema, food intolerance, multiple sclerosis, celiac disease, and many other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and led to the conclusion that helminths could play a vital role in the treatment of immune dysfunction of all kinds in future.